Exactly a year ago, my dear husband came back from office in the evening to inform me of his decision to take a sabbatical. It was a little sudden ( though he had been talking about it for some time now) and I realised there was no point discussing it as he had already put in his papers that day. I was still very  “depressed” ( I was coming out of clinical depression and barely 60% recovered) and found the sudden circumstances a little unnerving. It was almost a year since my last photography assignment and I knew it would be a few months before I started feeling confident enough to start shooting again. That made us a family on sabbatical except of course the little one who was forced to go to school every day!There was this mixed feeling of feeling happy that we all would get to spend more time together and travel and also the uncertainty of an unplanned corporate break. Something told me “all is well” but then I am just an optimist and definitely live in my fairy world…was it time to take a look at reality without my rosy glasses?  Time for serious life choices?

It’s the  5 September today and my heart is filled with gratitude. Not only did we have a wonderful year of spending the most amazing family time, but also managed to stay financially “safe” and learnt so much more as “life lessons “. The dear husband starts a new corporate life starting tomorrow. I know he is going back with a relaxed, wiser and definitely more enthusiastic attitude than he would have if he had not taken this break.

So what do the last 365 days mean to me? They mean travels to Kasauli, Bikaner, Gwalior, Jaisalmer, Pragpur, Raison, London and Shillim as a family – this resulted in memories and bonds formed. They mean watching my son and husband play cricket almost every evening – this resulted in my little one becoming a little more social and trying to make friends. They mean spending more time with my in-laws – this resulted in Shadab being able to give the much needed time to his parents on multiple visits and also getting the laborious home renovation done for his family house in Lucknow. They mean lots of writings by the husband – this resulted in a blog series of his views and philosophies in life. They mean binge book readings and spiritual discussions …this resulted in greater communication and understanding between us. But most importantly they mean a constant companion to help me through this phase of my life and hold my hand every time I lost faith – I will be forever grateful to the Universe for these magical days.

Last week we celebrated 15 years of being married – am blessed to say it only gets better with age.

Thank you, God.