Irrelevant to anything obvious in my life but I wanted to share a strange personality trait I have discovered in myself and been using it as a mood booster. When I was in B school, I used to be fascinated with the world of online jig saw puzzles especially It was a whole new level as every day was a new puzzle with a zillion option of shapes and number of pieces – something that the physical puzzles lacked and thus got repetitive and boring. Not only was it a good past time, but also helped me feel better anytime I solved one or met a time challenge. The euphoria of seeing the pieces fit perfectly left me with a sense of calm – as if to say  “if this can make sense and be solved, so can everything in my life”. I know it sounds exaggerated but it worked for me and was quite a passion for a couple of years. As I got busier with work and then family and life in general, I forgot all about these puzzles.

As I got busier with work and then family and life in general, I forgot all about these puzzles. In the recent years, I started buying Sudoku books and other puzzles to get my little one interested. And that led to the new obsession with Sudoku for me – and it is such a happiness booster! I admit I go through periods of non-communication and staring at the book for long durations – but the absolute joy I feel when I get it right – it’s priceless. It makes me realise the same thing again – if I can solve this, then I can probably deal with any curveball life throws! Maybe you want to try my secret strategy too?

I have been going through the usual ups and downs and also had a major bought of cold and congestion and cough the whole of last week ( and the house help disappeared again!). And while I am trying to be optimistic about all these and using the leftover energy to function, I decided to work on a SUDOKU which is the toughest I have ever attempted. The idea was that it will make me feel invincible after I magically solve it. I have been staring at it for 2 whole days and hoping that numbers will make sense ( you know how in Hollywood movies they show the mathematicians just staring and then the right numbers start to glow and make a pattern ? Remember Nash in A Beautiful Mind?). Unfortunately, none of that happened and by the end of two days, I was feeling worse than I did when I started – so much for a mood enhancer. And then the Universe stepped in….the numbers did make sense as I tried a newly learnt strategy and everything fell into place! I cannot explain how everything makes perfect sense now and I know I am the queen of the world! That’s what these puzzles and SUDOKU does to me….what’s your instant mood booster?