So I have had a super crappy day ( woke up scared and then haven’t been able to leave the room all day ) and as I settle down this evening after missing a friend’s birthday and going-away party, I am forced to think about life as it is NOW. And though in the morning I would have given shady comments like ” it sucks” and “why me”, I am in a better place right now and thinking about the last 10 days – how a change in attitude made things simpler and easier for me and my family.  In my last post ( Angry? ) I tried giving up on being angry with myself and my daily life and somehow it helped so much. Thus I  am sharing just a few to explain what happened.

I am blessed to live in a nice condo in India and have multiple helps for cooking, cleaning and driving. And without these amazing people, I would not have survived the last year and the stressful situations. The last few days, my helps disappeared for very different reasons and I was ” forced ” to do chores I normally don’t do. Since I was trying out this fancy mindful attitude and trying to enjoy things around me, I enjoyed doing the dishes with music on and was able to get the kitchen cleaner than it ever was! And seeing me “helpless”, the family jumped in to help! So while the husband did laundry, Dad helped with cooking and the little boy tried things like laying the dinner table and folding clothes. It was almost like being on a holiday in a rented apartment in Europe – everyone pitched in and that somehow translated into extra family time together! The best part was cooking – I realised how good I am at basic cooking and that everyone at home ate everything I made (including the little one eating greens). This could be because we all knew this was temporary and wouldn’t last more than a week but the joy of seeing everyone helping around the house somehow made me feel very happy. I was not only able to watch a movie in the theatre after long but also step out to meet some friends on Saturday evening!

The second series of incidents I wanted to share with you was a brilliant test of patience for all of us … an interesting comedy of errors! We ( my husband and I ) watched this movie called Jagga Jasoos on a Friday morning and loved it so much that I definitely wanted to watch it again to share the fun with the whole family – and thus booked tickets for Sunday morning. I did this while I was watching the show on Friday – the booking seemed to have gone through and I forgot all about it until Sunday morning. It was a 9am show at the nearby PVR Ambience – my favourite weekend hangout place and of course I was excited! However, on Sunday morning, we got a little late leaving home and was almost 8:45am. when we were in the car reaching the location. To my horror ( yes I got nervous), I realised I had left my phone at home and thus didn’t have the e-tickets with me . Obviously, there was no time to turn back to get it … and then I happily realised I did have them in my mailbox which I could access from my husband’s phone . And I tried – except that while trying to log in, I put the wrong password multiple times and then got locked out of Yahoo! So we were late and had no tickets. I am guessing you can imagine I was in the car with 3 unhappy people . Luckily, I  was able to get into the account ( my husband’s email was the backup account ) in time and thus rushed to the PVR ambience entrance . We were all set to enjoy the morning now .

The attendant looked at the tickets and explained to us that we were at the wrong theatre – the tickets were not for PVR Ambience Gurgaon but for PVR Ambience Delhi ! I wasn’t even ready to look at the exasperated faces next to me – but the three happily agreed to drive to the other theatre ( Though it was 12 kms away, the Sunday morning empty roads gave us hope of reaching in a short time). We were laughing and joking by the time we reached the other theatre and were happy to see that the movie had not started ( Thank God for advertisements and trailers before every show). All four of us were quite amused at the situation and were talking about what was the message the Universe had with this whole sequence of events.And now we enter the movie theatre (flashing the tickets urgently and requesting the attendant to let us hurry as we were late) only to find someone else seated on our booked seats. As we call the attendant to help us, we were given the final news in our series of errors – I had tickets for Saturday ( and this was Sunday)! We couldn’t even be disappointed as all four of us were laughing by then! Luckily that was all – we managed to get new tickets from the counter and went ahead to enjoy the rest of the morning watching Jagga Jasoos!

Can you imagine how difficult all of the above would have been if we didn’t have this attitude as a family? I am blessed to have these easy going happy faces around me all the time and I look forward to many more such ” happy days”. I know days like today will happen and try to break me but my dear depression, you just chose the wrong person and family – As long as I have them, I am the Queen of my world!

Thank you for the patience with all the ramblings…