Today I met this amazing young girl. I have seen her recently in and around the society I live in, but never stopped to say hello. For some strange reason, I had been choosing to ignore her and had decided I don’t like her. She seemed so different from me that I wondered if I could strike a conversation about anything in common at all. Today when I saw her walking with a DSLR camera, I instantly decided it was time to make a new friend!

I started chatting with her and just after a few minutes realised how wrong I was all along! We had so much in common – I wondered what took me so long to have the conversation with this girl in the mirror.

 She is the butterfly version of the caterpillar I have been for 39 years.Though I have hated changing into her, I realised I quite like her. She is so much calmer and wiser than I ever was.  She can manage being quiet for hours ( OK maybe an hour) and enjoy being alone – something I could never ever do. She is focused on her health and happiness and is way more selfish than I could ever be and guess what – I like that bit. She is a little nervous about getting back to work and meeting clients but she is confident she will soon be doing better than I ever did – just because she knows her strengths now. I could never imagine doing the things she does and enjoys – meditating, reading self-help books, running, doing pilates, learning a new language and so much more. She is not scared of being 40 and not 20 – she is completely in love with herself as she is. Most importantly, she likes to be alone and really enjoys her space – something I can’t ever relate too! I mean she doesn’t need a book or music or conversations – she is happy just being.

On the other hand, we have so much in common. Her life and priority revolve around her father, husband and son – just like mine. She gives her heart and soul to people she calls friends and apart from her three boys, friends and family practically mean the same for her.She surprisingly sees the world through her rosy glasses just like me ( though she is ready to take them off once in a while unlike me and face reality as it is). She has the same set of flaws I do – dreams too much, believes everything will always turn out to be good for her ( apparently God has a personal interest in taking care of her as she is his special favourite), finds it impossible to give up bad habits like sleeping too late / eating too much sugar / getting angry very easily and sticking to any plans!

This evening I logged into facebook to see one of the “what you posted today” kind of memory to realise it’s exactly 6 years since I first bought my DSLR. One camera and 8 lenses later, I am still as much and more in love with photography as I was.And that set me thinking and went through some older posts and images to come to the conclusion: I like the new me – so different and yet the same and still evolving for sure.All I want to say to the people who know me – I am sorry for not being the “friend” last 14 months during the metamorphosis. But guess what – I am back baby and very much here to stay! Thank you for the patience – I am me because of zillion reasons including the love you give me. Thank YOU and Thank God for not giving up on me.