Mornings have always been crazy for me…you know, the usual lazy mornings leading to rush for getting ready for college/office, skipping breakfast and literally out of breath by the time I would start the day formally around 9a.m.This year gave me a chance to alter that.

For most part of the year, the depression ensured that the mornings were very difficult. It was impossible to step out of the room and of course , I did not even think of any form of routine. However, as things started looking brighter towards the end of the year, I realised I had settled into a beautiful routine for the first one hour. That’s when I decided to share it with you all-if it’s helped me so much, it might work for some of you to!

1.Wake up and stretch before you get up from the bed – Research shows multifold benefits of this simple step early morning ( You can read more here ). I like it because it helps me shake of the stiffness and feels good.

2.While getting up express gratitude as your feet touch the ground ( say “thank”when your left foot touches and “you” when your right foot touches the floor).This is a fairly simple step which brings my morning focus to the feeling of gratitude.

3.Walk to my meditation corner ( nothing fancy, just a couple of floor cushions in a corner of the bedroom ) and read one page ( corresponding to the date) from the books “A Deep Breadth of Life” and “A Daily Dose of Sanity”. These are books by Alan Cohen with one page dedicated to each day of the year. These are filled with anecdotes and spiritual messages. If you want to try these, you can buy them here :  Book 1 and Book 2. However, you can choose any book you like , as long as it has short one page messages that you can read in less than 5 minutes. The idea is to help your mind direct thoughts to a positive place early morning. Try the Gita or similar books.

4. The next step is my favourite : write my gratitude journal. I learnt it from the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne ( You can look it up here ). It’s just a notebook where every morning I write 10 things am grateful for. And the interesting part is you have to also write why you are grateful. So you just can’t write “I am grateful for having such a loving son”. You need to be specific “I am grateful for having such a loving son because his smiling face always spreads positivity and calms the whole family”. When you are done writing, go over this list slowly reading each point and saying “thank you , thank you , thank you ” to that thing/person/situation/God after every point. This feeling of deep gratitude has the power to make my worst days become better. Try it…

5. The next 30 minutes is spent in listening to “Morning Meditation” by Louise Hay ( you can buy the app or just see on youtube by clicking this link .) These 25 minutes in her own voice ( am a huge fan of hers) encourages us to be grateful for so many things around us ( you will be amazed at how you learn to thank the bed you slept in and shower blessings on the irritating people you meet). The meditation instructions reccomend that it should be listened to before getting up from the bed. However, I hear it while making my bed and cleaning up my room early morning.

Of course there are days when I skip some of these steps but the idea is to stay focussed on these positive things early morning and stay away from any negativity in the  newspaper/ social media/ whatsapp msgs.This one hour of silence in my morning almost always changes my day to becoming a better, happier, more peaceful day.

If you don’t have time and have a rushed morning, then just start by trying any one of the above for 21 days. My suggestion would be “The gratitude journal” –you will be surprised how you discover so many things to be truly grateful for.

Would love to hear your morning ritual . Thank you for reading.