As the calendar year comes to an end, December holds different significance for different people. Some can’t wait for the awful year to get over and the hopeful new year to begin, some can’t stop getting dreamy about how awesome the current year has been and wonder what January will bring. For someone like me who’s birthday falls around Christmas, December is always dreamy – a time to become contemplative, look back at the past, think about the good/ bad times and most importantly: make new resolutions!

I absolutely love the whole resolution bit….I start on December 21st (Happy Birthday to me!), and then if I  miss out on keeping at them in the last days of December, I begin again on January 1…and it mostly helps. This year has been amazingly extraordinary and is also super importantly as this December I turn “18” again (yes, I technically turn 40 but have decided I want to stick to 18 from now on FOREVER).

So for the first time in a really long time, I have no plans to bring in the birthday, partying, or doing anything special.  I want to relax, spend time with my loved ones (the boys and any friend who finds it easy to drop in home), and stick to the one resolution I want to make: ‘Right Here, Right Now’ (my version of Mindfulness/ Power of Now/ Call to presence). If there is anything I have learnt in the whole 12 months of ‘depression’, it is to value the present. And enjoy it without getting carried away in planning for the future or missing the good times of the past. It’s all I really have! What do you say?

However, I also do want to make a nice non-resolutionary list I want to try to follow (OK I am trying to sound wise, I know)

  1. Meditate everyday – It doesn’t matter what time, how much time as long as I take out some time. I have learnt this year that if I don’t, my mind starves and eventually misbehaves.
  2. Pilates/ Run/ Fitness – Again, doesn’t matter what form but as long as I regularly focus on disciplining my body for at least 30 minutes everyday, I am getting fitter.
  3. Spend time with the boys – Play a board game, meditate together, walk/run together, chat, mealtime, read a book – whatever works. Every single day I want to go to bed knowing I took out time to enjoy the presence of the ones I love.
  4. Travel – India/Europe/The world or just discovering more about the city I live in. Experience  tells me this has always helped me be happier, so why not!
  5. Work on my relationship with Photography – I admit I hold grudges against photography for deserting me at my lowest. I completely lost my ability to be one with the camera this year. However, I want to forgive and forget! I want to make efforts to nurture this relationship and make it a happy one again. Since there is no “photography counselling” (you know, like we have marriage counselling and stuff), I have decided to treat it with common sense: practice, practice and practice a little more.

So,  whats your December like? Are you the resolution types? Or just like to see it as another day, another month, another year? Did 2016 mean anything special to you? I would be grateful if you would be taking out time to share in the comments.  Thanks, again, for reading.