Isn’t that super corny?

And imagine I bought a book by that name.  See you have to make allowance for the fact that I am clinically depressed (Right now I feel awesome though!) and I will gravitate towards anything that sounds vaguely similar to “happy”.  And the funniest is yet to come folks: this book actually works! It is a simple step by step guide to feeling better irrespective of where you begin!

Here is where I bought the book from : Amazon link to buy

The author, Paul Mckena,  is my King of Corny titles like “I can make you thin”, “I can make you lose weight” ( you get the drift right?) and even if I want to, I can’t write anything bad about him! The book “I can make you happy” is based on a very scienetific research of altering how your brain responds to certain things in the environment so that you train it to feel “happier”. Let me try giving you an example: The book progresses in chapters where he trains you to feel better. However, right at the beginning are some blue pages to use as instant pick-me-ups if you are feeling crappy right now. Difficult to explain and hence I Am adding a link to an article where he explains it in detail.

Instant Happiness by Mckkenna

As per him, if you try these simple tips you will feel instantly better.Go ahead….try one of them…it worked for me and I hope it works for you too! The only request is to try it with an open mind and not the desire to prove ” I knew it won’t work”…I promise you it certainly won’t work if you have that attitude 😀

lemme me know how it goes?!