I have been reading a lot this year ( the awesome advantages of locking yourself in a room). And the whole spiritual journey so far has been the most amazing. When I read the above quote this morning, I was reminded of something that happened a year back and wanted to share this from July 2015 .

           There are few people around us who totally believe in the purity of a miracle. And most of them are children! I am not only forever trying to make sure my little one believes in the love and kindness of a larger force/nature/energy/God but also trying to keep my faith in goodness alive by being a part of his innocent world. So we have the usual rituals of thanking God in our prayers , believing in Santa Clause and tooth fairies and many more.

         This time the request from the tooth fairy was for some cricket cards. If you are close to my age or more, these might not mean anything to you. But for boys his age, these cards are worth their weight in gold…there’s is a whole world of collecting, trading and pride in having the high score ones ( these are even sold by individual users online….major collectors stuff at that level). So Betu wanted some world cup 2015 card set and since I am the one who has be his tooth-fairy-fulfillment-machine, I have been hunting everywhere for these ( small stores, Hamleys, online). They were out of stock – completely. I was panicking as I knew the tooth was about to fall and I had nothing to offer. This was a mother’s perspective.

        The father, on the other hand, was trying to have conversations on values and faith with this little boy. He was explaining, how asking the tooth-fairy for happiness, can get him anything—cricket cards,bay-blade stadium or whatever else that will genuinely make him happy! He shared, how he has always asked for “sukoon” (peace), health and happiness and never for a job/money/things etc and how Universe has always responded. Mighty heavy stuff for a 7 year old, but then who knows when is the right time and what is the right thing to say……I wasn’t really sure how much sense it made to Betu but was happy when the night prayers changed to “happiness and cricket cards” .

          This weekend the tooth finally fell! I bought more time from his expectations by telling him sometimes the fairy takes 3 days to deliver on the wishes. I was still failing at finding the cards anywhere and finally Betu woke up yesterday with money  under his pillow . And that’s when the story of miracles and faith began.

         He came running to me to show the money and explained ” I think she could not find the cards in heaven. And because I asked for happiness, she decided to give me money to buy the cards in Gurgaon and make me happy!”. So all of a sudden the larger part of asking for happiness started making sense to him ( at least temporarily). And then started he hunt for the cards online. They were no where to be found ( I knew that -he didn’t).

        Children don’t give up easily. So as expected, we  were searching online every couple of hours ( ” Maybe now it is available? How do you know it is not? Maybe someone found it and is selling it?). And yes, we found it suddenly on Amazon. And here is the miracle part. We found the cards and immediately bought it. Got a mail from Amazon saying the card transaction didn’t come through….so I needed to revise the payment option. I decided to forget that transaction and buy COD….logged in afresh and again the cards were sold out everywhere! There was only one pack which came online for a brief time which amazon has and holding against my transaction. THERE WAS NO OTHER AVAILABLE. I quickly did my round of calls to Amazon and the card company and procured the card set held against my transaction. ( and while I am doing all this, my Dad and Betu are actually praying to God!) .

        And yes, they will get delivered next week!

        So as of now, Betu believes we should pray for happiness and peace and not a list of material things. He not only believes in toothfairies but also is sure miracles happen when you try hard enough ( or make your Ma try hard enough to search for it every hour). As for me, I still can’t believe we found those cards and bought them before they went out of stock again. I would have never checked so many times if it wasn’t for the little boy’s faith and persistence!

      At the end of the day Shadab is happy that Betu might have learnt a value close to his heart. My Dad is happy as these days he seems to be getting interested in whatever Betu plays with him! Betu is euphoric…he has a tooth fairy who granted his wishes. And I see the experience as a  small miracle ….yes, makes me believe more in the power of praying and asking for health, happiness and sukoon!

     As you can see, we are a Miracle ready family since forever!

Thank you for reading 🙂