A surprising thing happened this morning that made me write this post. I woke up early morning ( please please note the word early….I am making efforts to wake up before 5….you will soon know why!) and realized I had a very bad throat-painful and can’t speak. Bad headache and congestion and general body ache. I tried not giving into the temptations of going back to sleep- and started the morning routines. The little boy started getting ready for school and was delighted that it was difficult for me to speak! He tried to enjoy the no-nagging freedom as much as he could and I had a feeling everyone at home was happy with me not being able to talk ( if you don’t  know me personally , I talk a lot….more than a lot). Even with the aches and pains , I realized I wasn’t grumpy and everything seemed quite perfect.

Then it stuck me – I was actually grateful for the feeling of being physically sick like this – it was awesome to know that it was a small discomfort and would easily go away with rest and medicines and was NOTHING compared to having depression.I know it sounds silly but the realization of comparison of what is and how bad it could have been made me grateful for the kindness shown to me by God/Nature/Universe.What I am trying to say is that the whole GRATITUDE thing I have been trying to practice seems to be really cool and gives a new perspective to my life.

On that topic of gratitude, I am obviously very thankful for the kind of family and friends I have. I have realized that I am not only grateful for God/Nature/Universe for the best parent and son I have, but also very thankful for the life partner I chose. Let me elaborate and explain. See I had no choice in which family I was born and the kind of baby I had but I did make a conscious choice to marry the man I love ( Ok I know some of you will tell me all is destiny and that each soul chooses etc etc but let’s be park that for a while). The kind of teenager and young adult I was – I trusted everybody. Like my friends say – I have an extremely low filter for the bad in life and I could have practically married an idiot.

I barely knew my husband when I agreed to marry him ( We had met a couple of times in office and later texted and spoke sometimes –  we were in two different cities). A couple of months later when he proposed, I said yes without a minute’s thought ( of course I liked him and it just felt right). Most of my college friends were surprised and were very sure it was a super infatuation and I would definitely get over it soon – after all, not only did we appear very different as people, we came from diverse background and different religions which is a big deal apparently).And now that we complete 14 years of marriage this Sunday, I know I couldn’t have lived happily ever after with anyone else. Shadab is the kindest, most generous and loving soul I have ever met and yes, I am grateful that I trusted my instinct and married him.He is my one man army for protecting against anything that might try to effect me or my individuality.

And that brings me to something I have always believed-love never has a reason.If you love someone because she is beautiful or intelligent or rich or any other adjective describing her, then will you stop loving if she loses that quality?I think when you are in love, it’s something science and logic can’t explain- you just have to follow your heart and give in. But then who am I to give advice on love- I am the blessed girl living in her fairy tale world.

So this post is dedicated to someone who has made my pursuit of happiness fruitful and I promise to gift him the one thing he has been asking for 14 years now – wake up early everyday and take care of my health (P.S. for the innocent, his wake up early means 4:30a.m.).

Thank you for reading the post!