I couldn’t have made it this far without some of the most beautiful people God made for me. I know not everyone is blessed enough to have them ( or realise they have them) – but I do and I wanted to share.


  1. The way my Dad cares about me. Like when I was getting into the lift for the morning walk this week, he stood there to ensure the lift went till the ground floor without mentioning anything…he knows I am scared of lifts!
  2. The way my 8 year old cares for me….if he finds me crying…his first question is…”did something happen or is it your brain chemical thingy” (when all this started, I explained to him how lack of “happy chemicals” causes the brain to get confused and think it is sad) and irrespective of the answer, his solution always is      “ let’s do some cuddlu Ma. You know it will be all OK soon”.
  3. The way my husband cares for me….I  am just super lucky. I couldn’t have married a more caring, loving, understanding and generous person. He has taken on the whole “clinical depression” bit as a chance for us to become closer and explore the spiritual journey together.

FRIENDS (and FAMILY whom I call friends!)

  1. The awesome people I am surrounded by…I must have done something good to deserve them. There are special ones to whom I could make frantic phone calls even in the scariest times initially and they understood what I needed as help. This was when most of them had no clue what it is and how to deal with it. They just decided to let me know they are there for me – did not judge me and did not push me. I owe them my sanity during these times.
  2. I am humbled by the number of friends ( some acquaintances and some strangers) who have got in touch with me after I announced the illness. So many shared their own confusions past and present and either helped me or sought my help. It was a huge validation of my feelings – I was not alone.
  3. Some amazing people (not close friends) offered help in ways you cannot imagine. Welcoming me into their homes for a holiday (everyone knows I live to travel!) in different places, couriering me books that might help , messaging me/calling me up continuously till I felt comfortable meeting them…I can’t tell you how grateful I am to add them to my list of blessings.
  4. My life has always been filled with magic. Yet there are some people I love and have lost touch with. I wrote to a couple of them when I was not even sure there was a tomorrow – and lo behold, two of them got in touch! I have spent hours talking/ studying/ eating/ doing-nothing with these two during college days and they mean the world to me. Whatever was keeping them away for so many years – they chose to let go and come back to my life. They make the whole illness worth it!
  5. I never thought I would say this in my most introverted phase of life but I made new friends! Different group with common practices/believes like Reiki/ Louise Hay followers etc.

What can I say- The universe is always taking the best care of me!I am grateful for so many things, can’t even begin listing them all.

Thank you for reading.